What is this?

This is a personal blog and rather like those abandoned diaries, another well-intentioned effort.

So hello! Welcome! Congratulations for getting here! …. Please don’t leave!

Since we’re on introductions, my name is Jen Scouler. I’m copywriter and freelance film journalist based in Edinburgh. I also run Lost In Drama, a film website devoted to period dramas and classic novel adaptations.

The intention behind this site is not grand, and if you’re looking for rather more considered writing, please visit Lost In Drama or the link to my portfolio below.

I’ll just be posting things that interest me and thoughts that come to mind. We’ll see how it goes, it might be sporadic.

My interests include: films, period dramas, horses, fantasy literature, Victorian novels, Canadian tv shows set on a ranch, celebrity gossip and old Hollywood.

I’m trying new things too, like photography and getting through a horror movie without hiding behind my hands for 90 minutes.





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