New content upcoming…

I have several ideas for actually not-terrible blog posts so I’m back here. Again.


It won’t be instant- in the almost 4 months (oh dear) since I updated this, I’ve finished university and started a full time job in Edinburgh. I’m enjoying the new challenges the role is giving me and outside of work, can’t wait to see what opportunities I’ll have in film journalism in a new city.

First up- Edinburgh Film Festival next month where I’m hoping to cover the opening and closing premieres and maybe catch some screenings. I’ve also started writing for a new site (The People’s Movies) so film reviews should stay nice and constant in the next wee while. Not to mention the aforementioned posts for this poor, neglected blog.

Part of the problem is that I have too many ideas and too little time. This blog stands as pretty good evidence of that! My June resolution- January is a bit far to wait- is that I’ll actually keep track of every little idea so that it doesn’t become a distant memory for a few months. We’ll see how that goes.



I really will.




The end of an incredibly busy month and another neglected blog!

I had good intentions, I really did. Things have been crazy – I’ve been keeping up with my online internship, doing work experience at The Times, volunteering, writing for The Fan Carpet and Wonderlust and getting into another intensive term of my Masters.

My course has now moved onto its production segment, which involves the class setting up its own online publication. I’ve been appointed Culture Editor for the magazine and with our launch approaching next week, all hands are on deck.

I’ve also been working through job applications and assessments to varying results. We’ll have to see what happens with them.

As for this blog, I’m not sure where to go. Sitting in class the other day, I suddenly thought how much of a laugh it would be (for me) to re-watch Sex and the City episodes and blog along with them. It would be fun considering how old-fashioned it is now with the modern introduction of dating via technology.

I doubt anyone would be interested but it’d be a fun little exercise to do on the side. Unfortunately time is incredibly stretched for me at the moment, but I’ll keep the idea in mind.

Until then…




It’s Christmas now!!!

Internship work, volunteer work, freelance work and university work are all done for the next few days. I can finally relax and enjoy the holidays and I’m very excited and confused by my new found freedom.

To celebrate, I’m settling down with the period adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, although without the preferred Quality Street chocolates. Tesco had been completely cleaned out, which I probably should have expected on Christmas Eve Eve.

Note to self: do NOT leave chocolate tin buying until late next time.

Anyway, in regards to this evening (it’s not exactly correct but it’s pretty close to my perfect situation right now)-

Early Start to a Lazy Day

My first Saturday off in months did not go to plan, courtesy of my downstairs DJ neighbours. Woken up by their party at 4am, their music didn’t switch off until 8am despite two police visits.

At the third visit, they’d just left the flat and a very lovely policewoman took my details for future reference.

Still, not a great start to a relaxing Saturday.

On the bright side, I’m now recovering with a cup of tea under a pile of blankets in the living room. My flatmate just woke up too so we’re having fun watching Sex and the City (Season 4) and catching up after a busy week.

I won’t let you ruin my weekend, you cretinous layabouts with awful music taste!